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Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers You Seek, In One Place

I know how difficult it is to share personal information about your life with someone you’ve just met. That’s why I believe that trust is an essential aspect I work hard to maintain with my clients. In order for you to feel prepared for your reading, feel free to take a look at the following questions and answers below. They will help you feel relaxed before your reading. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to receive further information.

How do you book a reading with me?

To book a reading with me please go to the services page, and find out what service you would like to book in. Once you have decided which service you feel would benefit you, or if you are not sure, message myself and my personal assistant through the chat feature below, email, or Facebook messenger

Can you do readings over the phone?

I conduct my readings over voice note via Facebook messenger, email, and video chat. If you would like to book a reading please be advised that they are completed within 48-72 hours of final booking confirmation. Also, please make sure to be responsive with myself or my personal assistant when you do book a reading. 

What can I expect my reading to be like?

You can expect your reading to be in-depth with the guidance you are needing to know depending on the service that you have booked. Overall, all readings are conducted within 48-72 hours unless an unexpected emergency does come up. If that happens your reading will continue to be on my bookings. Your reading will be completed through voice notes on messenger, email, or video, but preferably voice notes for your reference later on. 

Where do I leave testimonials or feedback?

You can leave your detailed testimonial or feedback under the "Testimonials" tab on this site. You can also leave it under the reviews tab of Destiny K Psychic Medium on Facebook. 

Can I answer health related questions?

No, I will not answer health related questions as I am not a health professional. If you are needing guidance on your health or mental health please reach out to the appropriate resources. This is done for entertainment purposes.  

Can I answer legal related questions?

No, I will not answer legal related questions as I am not a lawyer, or legal representative. If you are needing guidance with an on going legal investigation or needing guidance to do with legal aspects please reach out to the appropriate resources. This is done for entertainment purposes. 

How is donation payments collected?

Donation payments are collected during the booking process. If you would like more information on this please reach out via the chat service below, email, or Facebook Messenger

Am I insured to be a medium?

Yes, I do have insurance to be a medium. Which is really hard to get. 

Does your reading get shared around?

No, your reading is strictly between Destiny K and you the client. Destiny K will never share information to anyone about your reading, your contact information, or personal information. Please note that everything we discuss will not be shared with others. 

Do you have any questions you would like answers to?

If so please fill out this form below with the questions you may have for me or my team. Thank you for your time. 

Still have a question? Contact me via my chat at the bottom of the screen.

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