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About Myself

✨Divine Love & Light ✨

✨ Hello Beautiful Souls✨


I am✨💫Destiny K 💫✨ an international psychic, medium, empath, intuitive reader and healer. I’m known as a light worker/earth angel 👼 and I believe I am here to help others through their lives and challenges. I feel my life purpose is to help as many people as I can to open up their gifts and to be able to connect to their higher selves to also activate positive energies and abundance into their lives. Whilst also connecting to their passed loved ones in spirit through my guides and my abilities of: clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feelings), claircognizance (knowing) I am able to pass messages on that they are needing to be heard and guided to give them support, comfort, and also closure.  I pick up on people’s thoughts, feelings, energies, emotions, and what they are thinking and feeling as well. 


I’ve had my gifts 🪄 since I was 3 years old and have continued to grow my gifts 🌟 after having a near death experience in 2018 which caused me to have a rare heart condition and POTS Syndrome. Since then, I have become even more connected and heightened with my abilities to be able to connect to the spirit world. I absolutely love it and I am very grateful to be able to do this for the people that are wanting and needing to connect with their loved ones. For me this is about changing someone who has been feeling very sad and down in the dumps to then coming out of a reading with myself looking and feeling like a Cheshire Cat. When I do this for my clients that for me is a job well done. I have had many experiences with spirit, encounters with loved ones, premonitions, trances, vivid and lucid dreams, astral traveling, and receiving messages from spirit guides. 



 I offer many services such as live readings on a number of social media platforms, general readings, love readings, psychometry (photo) readings, mediumship readings, pendulum readings, past present and future readings, and spiritual guidance readings. I read internationally around the world. I use my intuition and work with my guides whilst using cards as a tool. I don't use any guide books as I go with what I am thinking, and feeling in that time and in that moment so I run with it and go with it. I have been reading for 10 years. I also am the creator and owner of my Facebook Group (Psychic Destiny K Divine Love And Light Readings) with over 28000+ followers. I also have a Facebook Page (Destiny K Psychic Medium) that was created in 2021 which I am currently building up.  


Lastly, I was asked to do a few in-person events this year around the England area. Those include: The Mind, Body, And Spirit Well-Being Festival at Olympia London April 2022 with Crystal Clear Psychics, Burley Festival May 2022 with Tarot Tom, The Mind, Body, And Spirit Well-Being Festival at NEC Birmingham October 2022 with Crystal Clear Psychics, and more events to come soon. Not only was I asked to be at these events, I have started TV, and I Heart Radio with My Psychic Connections an American based platform. You can find my show Destiny K Divine Love & Light on Roku, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, Twitch, Tik Tok, Instagram, and 150+. Further, I read on Facebook groups, The Psychic Community, and Tik Tok with more platforms to come so stay tuned and watch this space. I have just been offered and asked to be an Executive Contributor for a big name magazine called; Brainz Magazine which receives over 300,000+ readers a week. I am very nervous but extremely excited to learn and grow, but to also take you on my spiritual journey to be apart of this with me by writing articles on my spiritual experiences. I am very grateful for each and everyone of you who follows me, has continued to follow me, and for the ones who will be coming in the future. You are all beautiful souls and we all have crossed paths for a reason as I do not believe in coincidences. I believe in Fate and Destiny.


Wishing you all a beautiful, wonderful, blessed, and abundant day. 


Lots of Love,


Destiny K 💜✨

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